Does Remodeling Increase Home Value?

Home improvement doesn’t just make our home more beautiful and more functional – but an even stronger investment. That’s why one of the most common questions we hear is “does remodeling increase home value?” Remodeling your home absolutely will increase the value, but certain investments will boost value more than others!

Master bedroom home addition

At Choice Remodeling, we’re a full-service home improvement company that does everything. Since we have experience with so many different types of remodels, we’re the perfect source to profile renovations that increase home value. Keep reading to learn more – and start your renovation with us!


Types of Renovations that Increase Home Value

When it comes to the question of, “Does remodeling increase home value?”, there’s no doubt that it does! However, the vast majority of people want to create their dream homes – and if it pays off in the long run, that’s just a bonus. These are the different types of renovations that increase home value the most – and also help you love your home even more:


  1. Renovations that Add Usable Space

The first type of renovations that increase home value are ones that provide extra living space. Ultimately, the more useful space your home would offer a potential is buyer is what helps set the price higher. While adding a full room addition can certainly fit the bill, that option often doesn’t work with many home designs, properties, and even budgets. Instead, consider a basement remodel that turns an unfinished and mostly unused basement into a family destination. Although you aren’t adding new square footage, you are turning a mostly unused area into another large and attractive space. Your property value should jump accordingly!

Newly remodeled basement with carpet

Another stellar option to provide more in-demand social space is adding a sunroom on to your home. Whether you build a sunroom over an existing patio or from the ground up, this provides a versatile space directly attached to your home. In some cases, a fully finished sunroom will even count as extra square footage on your home. However, even if it doesn’t you will still love taking in the outdoors from the shelter of your new sunroom – as well as the modest boost to your property value.


  1. Renovations that Bring Luxury

Bottom line: one of the biggest factors that influences home values is the desirability to real homebuyers, if you were to ever sell. Oftentimes the best renovation that increases home value is also the one you’ve been dreaming of yourself! Bringing a touch of luxury to your house will make you fall back in love with it – while also making it more in-demand than ever. The kitchen and bathroom are among the two most popular home improvement projects – and they’re both great places to show-off your HGTV-inspired luxury style!

When renovating your kitchen to boost home value, focus on the eye-catching elements like the appliances and the countertops. Luxury countertop materials like quartz or granite simply look so much more attractive than even the nicest laminate options, and they also age better as well. If your kitchen cabinets are extremely out of date, replacing them will have a massive impact on the space, but the price for that upgrade is significant.

Remodeled small kitchen in apartment

When wondering, “Does remodeling increase home value?” and considering bathrooms in particular, you’ll want to focus your attention on the master. Not only is this the bathroom that the main decision makers are going to use, but there’s the greatest opportunity for luxury upgrades, too. Everything from tile showers to soaking tubs creates the feeling of an at-home spa that you and a potential buyer will love!


  1. Renovations that Fix a Need

The final type of renovation that we’re profiling today can have the dual benefit of protecting your home – and possibly even increasing the value. First things first, if there’s a problem that needs fixed, taking care of it ensures nothing goes wrong that drastically cuts your home value. On top of that, if you do plan to sell, a home inspector will absolutely find something like leaking windows or damaged siding. While repairing a roof may not be as exciting as creating a sprawling finished basement or a gorgeous home spa, it can have the same impact on your bottom line.

Big black frame windows in home

If you’re committed to increasing home value through renovation, you can often turn fixing problems into a bigger investment by opting for stylish and luxury materials. For example, if your windows leak water, choose the best replacement windows – with on-trend frame styles and a lifetime warranty instead of a budget option. Selecting the deluxe material can turn the negative of having to fix a problem into a major positive as far as style and value are concerned!


Trust Choice for All Your Remodeling Needs

If you’re ready to stop just thinking about your home renovation and get started, you’re in the right place. At Choice Remodeling, we specialize in all of the renovations listed here and many more as well. Whether you need a small fix or want to create a gorgeous new space, we’d love to work with you. The first step in tackling any of these renovations that increase home value is a consultation with our experts. We’ll help you finalize what you need, create a design or plan, and get you the price to take care of everything!

Reach out right now to start the conversation!

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