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Patio Door Replacement in Lancaster County & Surrounding Areas

Updating your patio door is like getting two home décor upgrades for the price of one. With the right patio door, you can enhance both your indoor and outdoor spaces at the same time.

Patio door designs can encompass a wide range of looks, from classic to contemporary. Whether you prefer ornate French patio doors or sleek full-glass options, Choice Home Remodeling can help you discover and build your dream door.

Custom Patio Door Benefits

Energy Savings

Sliding patio doors can save you a surprising amount of energy costs. Their airtight design keeps your entrance well insulated and protected from air leakage.

Natural light

The large glass exposure of a patio door introduces extra natural light to your home.

User Friendly

A new vinyl sliding patio door will slide across the track with ease providing a maintenance free/user friendly experience.


Another benefit of the increased glass exposure is the view to the outdoors. Enjoy the beauty of seasons from within your home.


When it is time to replace your patio door, you have two major options: sliding or hinged. While hinged patio doors are the most traditional option, sliding patio doors are the most popular choice for today’s homes.  Hinged doors and French doors offer a traditional and classic look that can complement your home’s original character. The sliding style is a customer favorite for budget and ease of use.

Another crucial choice to make when selecting your patio door is to choose the material that matches both your preferences and your budget. The main patio door materials are clad/wood, fiberglass and vinyl. All materials have their benefits while vinyl is the more budget-friendly patio door option.

Whatever you decide, our team at Choice has decades of experience installing door upgrades just like yours.

Choice Home Remodeling offers a wide variety of patio doors from trusted manufacturers, including:


Patio Door Styles and Designs

This first choice sets the tone for almost every other decision you’re going to make, so we always ask our customers to start here. The two main styles are:

  • Full Glass Sliding Doors – Maximum glass space for maximum natural light, this highly-popular patio door style gives a fully-unobstructed view. Another bonus? A full glass style door can be sliding, which is cheaper and more convenient.
  • Ornamental Doors / Hinged Patio Doors – A more traditional style, these doors feature patterns, grids, or panels that accent the glass. Popular ornamental styles are the French door, the prairie-grid style, and the farmhouse-style door which have a half panel. If you want this style of patio door, it will need to be mounted on hinges, rather than sliding.

For contemporary style homes, full-glass is the dominant patio door design, but when building a craftsman style or a farmhouse style, French doors are a popular option. Both types of doors can look absolutely stunning and can be mixed and matched with various home designs.

Custom Patio Door Estimates

Your Project Starts Here


    Have a clear picture of your dream patio door? The next step is to call the professionals and make it a reality.

    At Choice Home Remodeling, we offer a refreshingly hassle-free approach to home improvement. When you call Choice, you will have a conversation about meeting the needs of your home and bringing your design to life.

    We have more than 25 years of experience installing windows and doors for homeowners throughout Lancaster County and beyond. You’ll love your stunning patio door design and all the compliments it gets – and you’ll love the experience of working with Choice.

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    Areas We Perform Patio Door Replacements: 

    • Lancaster County
    • Berks County
    • Bucks County
    • Montgomery County
    • York County
    • Dauphin County
    • Chester County
    • Lebanon County
    • Delaware