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Replacement Windows for Your Home

Replacement windows offer both practical advantages and a distinct stylistic flair for your home.  While most homeowners think about replacing their windows because of practical performance issues, enhancing your home’s look is an exciting possibility.  When you work with Choice, you can count on loving the look and energy-efficiency of your new windows.

Benefits of New Window Installation

Lower Energy Bills

Energy efficiency plays a large part in deciding to upgrade your windows. If your windows are inefficient, it can end up costing you more on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Upgrading to new windows is a way to save energy and money in the long run.

Improve Curb Appeal and Home Value

There are many choices to reflect a certain style- from Traditional to Modern. Various styles, colors, grids, and hardware choices help you to create your own unique look.

User Friendly

Who likes to clean windows? With tilt-sash windows, cleaning your windows is no longer a daunting task. They allow you to tilt the sash into your home, so cleaning is a snap.

Low Maintenance

Exterior window frames and sashes no longer require painting and are moisture resistant. This lets homeowners enjoy a beautiful, energy efficient home with little maintenance.

Certified Window Installers

Installing replacement windows can dramatically enhance the look of your home. Attractive new windows can allow you to build more of your personality and character into your house. In fact, the right windows can improve your décor both inside and out. On the other hand, ultra-cheap windows can look out of place and ruin the home aesthetic you worked hard to craft.

At Choice Home Remodeling, we have decades of experience bringing replacement windows to Lancaster, PA and beyond. We also carry a wide variety of nationally-known brands, including:

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New Windows: Vinyl Versatility

Year-in and year-out, new replacement windows is the most sought-after service that we offer at Choice Home Remodeling — and that’s no accident. Homeowners love the winning combination of style, performance, and price that is possible with our vinyl window installations.

While vinyl replacement windows once had the reputation for looking like big, out-of-place chunks of plastic, that notion is firmly in the past. Today, vinyl windows can match any décor you can envision. The versatility of new vinyl windows is unmatched. From evoking the rustic aesthetic of wood to a sleek and modern dynamic that many homeowners love. Vinyl is here to stay.

From a budget standpoint, vinyl replacement windows are also the winner. This can prove especially important when replacing all of the windows in your house at once.

How To Reinsert a Double-Hung Window Sash

Ever wonder how to reinsert a double-hung window back in its track?

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    Vinyl windows, in general, are more energy efficient than wood windows. Look for windows that offer a u-value of 0.27 or lower, in order to conform to Energy Star ratings for our northern region.  High-performance glass will save you roughly 7% – 12% on heating and cooling costs per year.  It also provides some of the best protection you can find against fading of home interiors caused by UV rays.

    Another important energy saver is the air infiltration rating.  Air infiltration measures how much air a product will allow to enter a room. It is measured by how many cubic feet of air can pass through a window in a specific time frame divided by the total window area. When looking at air leakage you should see ratings between 0.01 – 0.30.