The Most Popular GAF Asphalt Shingle Colors for Roofs

GAF Shingle Colors on home with Stucco

GAF asphalt shingles serve as both protectors and enhancers of your home. With a wide range of roof asphalt shingle colors available, it’s easy to elevate your home’s appearance and boost its curb appeal!

As a GAF certified company offering 50-year full coverage, we bring unparalleled expertise to help you navigate through the myriad of choices. Today, we’ll unveil the most popular and captivating GAF asphalt shingle options, guiding you toward finding the best shingle color to amplify your home’s beauty and value.

Explore our comprehensive gallery and guide of GAF asphalt shingle colors and envision the transformative impact they could have on your home’s aesthetic!


Top Asphalt Shingle Colors Trending in 2024

Selecting the ideal shingle color for your home holds significant importance. Due to the potential alterations in image colors caused by screen displays, it’s highly recommended to request shingle samples from your contractor once you’ve made your color choices, allowing you to visualize their true appearance in real-life settings.

When it comes to roof shingle colors, personal preference takes precedence. However, with an array of choices available, making a decision can be challenging. To assist you, here are some of the most favored options among GAF customers:


Gray asphalt shingle roof color

Weathered Wood: GAF’s Weathered Wood stands out as one of the best shingle colors for its contemporary neutral tones resembling a blend of gray and black. Its rich hues and subtle accents make it a popular choice among homeowners seeking a modern, sophisticated appearance for their roofs.


GAF shingle colors in black

Charcoal: This GAF asphalt shingle color exudes a deep black shade, bringing a bold and striking look to a home’s exterior. Charcoal, among the top GAF asphalt shingle colors, embodies a timeless elegance that complements various architectural styles with its bold and dark appeal.


Additional GAF Dimensional Shingle Color Options

Fox Hollow Gray asphalt shingle roof color with siding

Fox Hollow Gray: For those who want a lighter color for their home’s roof replacement, this GAF asphalt shingle color is a great solution! It’s simple yet striking, for an underrated aesthetic.


GAF dimensional shingles in brown on home

Barkwood: GAF’s Barkwood offers a charming dark brown hue for asphalt shingles, adding a sense of depth and warmth to roofs. This color provides an elegant and classic look without overshadowing the overall aesthetic of the home.


GAF dimensional shingle color on home with blue siding

Williamsburg Slate: Comparable to both Weatherwood and Charcoal, Williamsburg Slate boasts a black base with enhanced dimensionality through varying shades of black and grays across the shingles,


What are the Best Shingle Colors for Your Home’s Exterior?

The best shingle colors for your home’s exterior depend on several factors, including personal preference, architectural style, surroundings, and the desired aesthetic. Here are some color pairings you may want to consider:

  • Black Asphalt Shingle Colors: As one of the most popular asphalt shingle colors on the market, it’s no surprise that this option pairs flawlessly with nearly any color or material of home exterior, whether it be brick, stucco or vinyl siding. While its versatility extends to virtually every color, you’ll often see it paired with white, light gray, or colorful siding, or red brick.
  • Gray Asphalt Shingle Colors: If you have gray, green or light brick on your home exterior, this may be the best shingle color for you! The GAF Dimensional shingle color palette encompasses various shades within the gray spectrum, providing a wide selection to perfectly match the exterior aesthetics of your home.
  • Brown and Tan Asphalt Shingle Colors: Warmer hues like browns and tans tend to be the best shingle color choice for homes with stucco or warmer color vinyl siding. These warmer hues harmonize excellently with siding shades such as pale yellow, white, or even black, offering an appealing and complementary choice for your home’s exterior.
  • Red Asphalt Shingle Colors: For those opting for a bold red GAF asphalt shingle color, balancing it with a subtle or neutral exterior tone is key. While black or white vinyl siding complements the boldness of a red roof, those seeking an attention-grabbing exterior might consider a striking contrast. Shades like royal or navy blue for the siding can create a showstopping look that accentuates the vibrant appeal of the red roof!

Brick house with brown GAF shingle color

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GAF Dimensional Shingle Colors 

When it comes to selecting the perfect shingle colors for your home’s exterior, Choice Home Remodeling stands as your ideal partner. Our expertise in guiding you through the selection process of GAF shingles, regardless of the color, ensures that your home receives the best fit for your style and surroundings.

Moreover, as a leading authority in exterior home renovations, including siding, skylight installation, window replacements, and more, we happily serve Lancaster, Chester, Berks, and surrounding PA counties.

Discover the possibilities or schedule a color consultation today to transform your home’s exterior into a masterpiece with the right GAF Dimensional shingle color for you! Reach out and explore more.

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