Types of Outdoor Living Spaces: Decks, Porches & Much More

If you’re like us, over the spring and summer months, there’s no place you’d rather be than outside. Few things feel better than enjoying a long weekend afternoon or unwinding after a taxing day at work. A great outdoor living area is key to making the most of your time outside. If you’re looking to upgrade your space or to build something new, we’re showcasing the different types of outdoor living spaces.

At Choice Home Remodeling, we’re the Lancaster home improvement company that transforms houses inside and out. In this blog, we’re highlighting your options for a new and upgraded outdoor living area – and the key advantages of each option. Keep reading to uncover the three main types of outdoor living spaces, or talk to our team today to get prices!


Exploring Options for Outdoor Living Areas

From open sundecks to all-season sunrooms, there are many great reasons to love and prefer each of the different types of outdoor living spaces. More than ever, combining these styles has become a design trend that offers you the best of all worlds. If you’re looking to build a dream-come-true space and want to see all your options, we’re here to help!


Decks – One of the most popular outdoor living spaces for new builds and renovations alike, decks provide a wide range of styles that match almost any house and any style. If you have the space for it, an elevated deck gives you the advantages of being able to enjoy the view of your yard from a second story!

✔️ Can be built elevated or on the ground

✔️ Luxury composite deck boards will last for decades with limited maintenance

✔️ Can be less expensive than some other outdoor living areas

✔️ Huge variety in deck board colors

❌ Exposed to the sun and rain

❌ Wooden deck boards will require regular re-painting or re-staining if you choose them – learn more about wood vs. composite decks!

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Back Porches – Think of our back porches as luxury decks – with a full roof. A back porch provides you the feel of the outdoors with key comforts such as protection from the rain and the hot sun. Your porch offers a great balance between the feel of an outdoor area with full shade and protection from the rain.

✔️ Can be open or screened-in

✔️ Still has the classic look of deck boards

✔️ Full protection from the beating sun and the pouring rain

✔️ Can decorate this outdoor living area like an interior space

❌ Can’t be used comfortably during cold weather

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Sunrooms – While decks, porches, and patios are all definitely outdoor areas, sunrooms blur the line. While sunrooms are designed to bring you close to the outdoors, the full walls and roof provide more of a barrier.

✔️ Solid walls and climate control provides maximum comfort

✔️Can be used year-round, depending on your space

✔️ Has a distinct luxury look

✔️ There are countless ways to use a sunroom – see sunroom inspiration right here!

❌ Loses some of the feel of an outdoor living space


The Do-it-All Remodeling Team

While our team has ample experience designing and building these types of outdoor living spaces, this is just one of our areas of expertise. When we say we are a do-it-all company, we mean it! When it comes to renovating the outside of your home, we install gorgeous new siding and energy-efficient new windows and doors.

When renovating the interior of your home, we specialize in a huge variety of bathroom and kitchen renovations that incorporate a huge range of styles from the classic farmhouse to the sleek and modern. In addition to that, we are the team to trust for finishing your basement and even adding brand new additions onto your home!

Covered outdoor living area


Get Quotes on Different Types of Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’re still making your decision about which type of outdoor living space is right for you, we encourage you to reach out or to visit our showroom. Not only will our team be able to discuss the pros and cons in-depth, but we’ll also be able to give you prices to make it happen!

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