2019 Kitchen Design Trends

2019 can absolutely be the year you build the kitchen of your dreams. A kitchen that you love to cook in, a kitchen that feels like a scene from HGTV, and a kitchen that inspires a little good-natured envy among friends. If you’re building your once-in-a-lifetime kitchen this year, you need to know about the hottest 2019 kitchen design trends.

At Choice Home Remodeling, we specialize in all aspects of home remodeling, and our skilled designers always keep their fingers on the pulse of current kitchen design trends. Dig in as we explore the hottest 2019 kitchen design trends.


5 Current Kitchen Design Trends to Watch

The goal of any home remodel is to build a space that enhances how you use it and expresses your personality. While the cutting-edge design trends are exciting to watch and can guide your imagination, the goal is to always build a space that is right for you.

The kitchen design trends of 2019 feature unique looks, fresh materials, and some 21st century upgrades.

  • Goodbye Granite – While granite was once considered the ONLY luxury material to use for kitchen countertops, times have changed. Different types of stone countertops are taking over as more popular options. While granite is still chosen for its distinct look, it may appear outdated in the future. In addition, granite can be seen as a less practical material by some homeowners since it is a porous material meaning it requires maintenance.

  • Ambitious Backsplashes – For the last decade or so, backsplashes have emerged as a premier way to incorporate big personality and style into all types of kitchens. 2019 kitchen design trends will show us backsplashes are featuring increasingly more creative patterns and designs.

  • Bold & Modern Colors – While an elegant white kitchen may never fall out of popularity, homeowners are increasingly becoming interested in bold new colors for their kitchens. Some of these up-and-coming colors – like hues of grays and blacks – build a modern aesthetic, and have been seen making a serious grab for the spotlight this year. 2019 will undoubtedly see more of this, along with new variations of these rich tones.

  • Technology – While most of the 2019 kitchen design trends focus on style, this one is also about futuristic functionality. Smart technology has truly become a part of our daily lives, and it can be incorporated into almost every room of the house. The kitchen is no exception! Connected to your smart phone or Wi-Fi device, smart appliances put the power of your kitchen into the palm of your hand. For example, different brands of smart ovens allow you to change the temperature of the roast you’re cooking without getting up from the couch.

  • Unique Materials – These outside-the-box kitchen design trends also feature a series of interesting materials. Some unexpected kitchen materials we’ve seen include brick, brass accents, unfinished wood, Moroccan tile, and many more. By incorporating unique materials as recurring motifs throughout your home, you build a kitchen that pairs with the rest of your home while expressing your personality.

While these kitchen trends will earn big style headlines in 2019, the best kitchen design is one that pairs with your home décor and how you’ll use the space. Use the classic touches you love and integrate some of these exciting new trends for a totally unique space.


Kitchen Remodeling from Choice Home Remodeling

These hot kitchen design trends are just the tip of the iceberg. If you can dream it, our kitchen designers can work hand-in-hand with you to bring it to life. We always begin the design process with a conversation to understand your needs and the style you love.

Contact us today to start the conversation with our kitchen design team.

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