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You dim the lights, turn on the water, and the stress of a long day just melts away. Experiencing that relaxation at home every day is the reason the home spa bathroom has become such an in-demand project. Turning an ordinary master bathroom into a tranquil space, tailored to your tastes, is one of the best invests you can make in your home.

At Choice Remodeling, we’re a whole home renovation company that delivers dream-come-true spaces for our clients. To inspire your remodel, we’re highlighting some favorite features of home spa bathrooms and showcasing pictures from our recent projects. If you’d like to discuss your vision with one of our designers, we’d love to talk – reach out or visit our local inspiration center!


7 Spa Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

While there are many different types of beautiful and functional master bathrooms, a home spa is dedicated to relaxation above all else. All of these spa bathroom remodeling ideas come together to create a space that allows you to shed the stress of a hectic day!


Soaking Tubs

Luxury soaking tub in upscale bathroom renovation

A hallmark of the home spa bathroom, a soaking tub can quickly become a part of your daily routine – or a cherished indulgence whenever your busy schedule allows it. Deeper than traditional tubs, these allow more full submersion in the water to truly capture that spa feel. On top of that, consider jetted tubs for a jacuzzi feel!

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Neutral Tones

Neutral toned spa bathroom

To further your feelings of personal peace, we generally recommend using pleasant and neutral tones for the walls, tub, shower, and other main bathroom features. Pleasant white, gray, clay, light wood, and cream shades are all fantastic places to start. While bold and exciting color schemes are fantastic for a half bath renovation, this is a place to choose a pleasant and safe color scheme.


Soft Lighting

Spa bathroom remodeled with gray floors and walls

Going along with the soft color palette, you want to choose soft lighting options that allow you to relax right away. While that often involves lights on a dimmer, generally having an ambient placement for them is key to creating the feel you want. In addition to nice primary lighting, one of our favorite spa bathroom remodeling ideas involves lighting the mirrors and other fixtures like cabinetry.


Large Showerhead

Large showerhead in spa like tile shower

While the soaking tub may be the centerpiece of your home bathroom spa, chances are good that you’ll also want a shower, too. Have that shower contribute to the luxurious feel by opting for a large showerhead, designed to give you maximized control over the flow and pattern, helping to relieve your pent-up stress.


Heated Elements

Grand spa like master bathroom with heated floors

This is a superstar spa bathroom remodeling idea. You can have many of the key pieces and fixtures of your new bathroom radiate warmth. The options include everything from floors, to towel racks, and much more.


No Clutter

Master bathroom with cabinet storage

One of the least relaxing, least pleasant things we can imagine is clutter. That’s why having efficient storage solutions are a surprisingly essential factor in this design. Both a space-efficient vanity and linen closets are strong options for keeping your surfaces clear of clutter. Another new trend homeowners have been loving lately are built-in shelves recessed into the walls. Not only does this provide exceptional extra space, but it also keeps the bathroom floor plan even more minimal.


Spacious and Open Design

Open floorplan spa bathroom remodel

Speaking of the floorplan, a spacious and open feel complements the feeling of relaxation you want to cultivate. The more square footage you have to work with, the more open your space will feel. However, there are some tricks that can boost the open feeling of your spa bathroom. For example, replacing oversized sinks and cabinets with more minimal choices gives you back a ton of space. In addition, using a glass shower can amplify the desirable sense of openness.

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A Collaborative Design Process   

When you look at Choice Remodeling projects – whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, sunroom or anything else – you’re seeing someone’s personal vision brought to life. While many home remodeling companies present attractive designs and expect you to pick one, we listen and collaborate on your design with you. This allows so many of our projects to have a deeply personal feel with unique touches, that came right from the homeowners’ wish list. This is just one of the key factors that has made Choice Remodeling a local favorite!

Soaking tub in spa bathroom remodel


Start Designing Your Home Spa Bathroom

The first step in building your dream come true home spa bathroom is a consultation with one of our designers. Whether you want to visit our local inspiration center and start there, or invite us to your home, we always start with a conversation.

Reach out right now to schedule your consultation!

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