Kitchen Remodel Color Ideas to Inspire You

Before you can choose your cabinets, select a new sink style, or commit to a countertop – you need to finalize your overall kitchen color scheme. Since there are more fantastic options than ever, we’re breaking down some must-see kitchen remodel color ideas – and identifying the key factors in each one!

At Choice Remodeling, we’re a full-home improvement company. That means our multi-talented teams tackle everything from dream-come-true decks, to much-needed window replacements, and even HGTV-worthy luxury kitchen renovations. See some kitchen remodel color ideas all inspired by recent projects – and reach out to talk to our designers today!

Modern white kitchen color with stone countertop


3 Popular Kitchen Color Schemes Showcased

If you’re like most homeowners we talk to, you didn’t get to pick your kitchen color scheme – whether you like or just live with it, the color came with the house. Now that you’re in the driver’s seat of a new kitchen remodel, you finally have the chance to choose the perfect look for your style sensibilities. And there’s good news: there are more on-trend options than ever that will actually stand the test of time. Explore three recent projects to see the overall color ideas and the pieces that came together to create it:


Modern & Dark Gray

This kitchen color scheme is dramatic, modern, and 100% gorgeous. You’d expect a kitchen like this to be in a Manhattan condo, but this is a Lancaster County home! All of the individual touches blend to form the prevailing dark and modern aesthetic.

  • Cabinets: A focal point of this project, the cabinets are the anchor of the dark gray color and match the island cabinets.
  • Countertops: The countertops have a gray base with seams of darker gray running through them to blend with the overall aesthetic.
  • Backsplash: The white tile of the backsplash is one of the lightest colors in this darker color scheme.
  • Other Color Touches: The new floor reinforces the kitchen color idea by also being a gray shade.


Bright & Light

An always popular choice for a kitchen remodel color scheme, the light colors here are beautiful and inviting. It’s conventional design wisdom that lighter colors make a space feel bigger, and this remodel certainly proves that point.

  • Cabinets: The bright white cabinets look gorgeous and set the tone for the entire kitchen right away!
  • Countertops: Adding to the light aesthetic, the island and main countertops are both a very light shade with a speckled pattern.
  • Backsplash: Slightly contrasting the white cabinets it sits against, the backsplash features a light gray tile.
  • Other Color Touches: A great feature that reinforces the prevailing color scheme, the fume hood above the range is also white.


Neutral & Fascinating

This next kitchen remodel color idea is eclectic, yet also very cohesive. Built around compelling neutral hues, this entire space feels welcoming, comfortable, and immediately like home.

  • Cabinets: This kitchen doesn’t just have one cabinet color, but three! The cabinets above the refrigerator and oven are a medium brown, while the ones above the sink and stovetop are white. Rounding out the color scheme, the kitchen island cabinets and another set of cabinets are a medium gray.
  • Countertops: A safe choice, this luxury countertop features a light, off-white shade flecked with a beautiful irregular pattern.
  • Backsplash: In a kitchen color scheme of varied colors, the backsplash is a safe and classic white tile. You can never go wrong with a touch like this.
  • Other Color Touches: There’s no question that this space is full of eye-catching colors. The light brown floor is one more absolutely stunning neutral hue. In addition, the dark metal of the hanging lamps pairs well with the cabinet hardware.


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The Choice Remodeling Experience

We want the entire experience of working with Choice Remodeling to bring your dream home to life to be exceptional and fun. A home renovation is often the result of years of planning and savings, and you absolutely deserve to enjoy that experience. It all starts with the conversation you have with our team and concludes with our team of installers that take care of everything!

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Discuss Your Kitchen Remodel Color Ideas

All three of these kitchen designs began the same way: a conversation with a Choice Remodeling interior designer. When you’re ready to get started, our team will be happy to discuss your style, your kitchen remodel color ideas, your wish list, and much more. Whether you want to have that conversation in our inspiration center or at your house, we’d love to talk!

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