Large Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A spacious master bathroom means endless possibilities. You have the space available to create the HGTV-worthy home spa that you’ll adore using for years to come – now all you need is the inspiration. Check out our 5 must-consider large master bathroom remodel ideas right here!

At Choice Home Remodeling, we’re a whole home renovation company that delivers dream-come-true spaces for our clients. To inspire your remodel, we’re highlighting the best ideas for large master bathrooms – and showcasing pictures from recent projects!

White master bathroom remodel idea


5 Huge Master Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You

While the opportunity is unparalleled, the generous dimensions of your bathroom can make the remodel planning stage a bit daunting. Explore 5 favorite huge master bathroom ideas that truly make the most of all that space:


Separate Tub & Shower

Soaking tub in huge master bathroom idea design

One of the hottest trends in bathroom design, having a separate tub and shower is only possible in a larger bathroom. The benefit of this idea is that it means you get both a more spacious and more luxurious shower as well as a more relaxing tub. You can opt for an extra-deep, ultra-calming soaking tub AND a luxury stand-up shower. For many of our customers, this is the ultimate hallmark of their new master bathroom.

See more about tub and spa combos!


Double Vanity

Large master bathroom remodeled with double vanity

Convenient and attractive, here’s a large master bathroom remodel idea almost everyone loves. From a style standpoint, having a double vanity makes the entire structure larger, causing the sink and cabinet to play a bigger part of the master bath aesthetic. From a practical standpoint, a double sink makes getting ready at the same time as your spouse a breeze.


Linen Cabinet

Large master bathroom remodeled with linen cabinet

While most bathrooms have a simple linen closet, this is bigger and better. A linen cabinet not only allows for extra storage, but also adds a formal touch that a simple closet wouldn’t. You can even add lighting into the cabinet to give an ambient glow to the whole design!


Big Windows

Huge mater bathroom with large windows

Here’s a huge master bathroom idea that combines perfectly with a soaking tub. A larger bathroom space doesn’t just mean more interior square footage but also more room to accommodate windows, too. By introducing big windows into the design, you provide a beautiful view to enjoy when you’re soaking in your tub.


Water Closet

bathroom remodel idea including water closet

A true touch of elegance, a water closet is the term for a partition with a door that separates the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. Some people feel that hiding the toilet makes for a more attractive bathroom – and others appreciate the added privacy the water closet creates. In order to make use of this touch, the bathroom needs to have the open square footage to accommodate the walls and door.


The Collaborative Choice Experience

Choice Home Remodeling’s projects have a deeply personal feel, with unique touches that come right from the homeowners’ wish list. Our clients love our approach because we collaborate on designs and create an engaging space for them – one they can call their own!

Whether it’s a bathroom remodel, kitchen makeover, or sunroom addition – we’re committed to making sure that each project has an individual touch! One of the key factors in this commitment is working closely alongside homeowners during the planning stages so they can bring their own vision into fruition.

large master bathroom design


Design Your Large Master Bathroom with Us

If you’re looking to build a large master bathroom, we’d love to work with you. Together, you and our designers will create a space that pairs luxury and practicality with your personal style.

Contact our designers to schedule your consultation!

Of course, this is just the beginning of what the Choice Home Remodeling team can accomplish with you. While we’d love to bring your huge master bathroom ideas to life, we are a whole home renovation team. That means we take care of everything in your home, from installing new windows and doors to building a deck or a sunroom – we do it all!    

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