Sunroom Styles: 3 Season Rooms vs. 4 Season Rooms

A sunroom is the epitome of a luxury living space.  The ample natural light and the sleek sense of style is a homerun for homeowners. You’re going to love your new sunroom, there’s just one big question you need to answer before renovating: do you want a 3 season or a 4 season room?

As the names imply, a 3 season room can be used in the spring, summer, and fall (3 seasons) — while a 4 season room is perfect for year-round enjoyment. Learn more about the differences between the two, the prices for each, and which one is best for your renovation.


Contrasting Both Sunroom Types

Inside 4-season sunroom

They look the same from the outside but the way they’re built makes all the difference regarding when and for how long you can enjoy them. Both 3 season and 4 season rooms are great — and that’s why we build both at Choice Windows Doors & More. It’s not about which is better, but which is better for your needs and your budget.

These are the main differences between the two sunroom types that account for the extra season of use:

  • 4 season rooms are built using structurally insulated panes which keep these sunrooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • 4 season rooms often come built with some type of climate control or HVAC system.
  • Generally, the glass used in the windows of a 4 season room is superior at regulating indoor temperatures.


These are the main similarities that you’ll enjoy no matter which type of sunroom you choose:

  • Both additions are sealed to the outside, as opposed to a screened-in porch which is not.
  • Both types of sunroom feature fully vinyl windows and walls.
  • When built by Choice, 3 season and 4 season rooms are designed to match the style of your house.


3 Season and 4 Season Rooms’ Costs Compared

The main reason that homeowners opt for a 3 season room is their price. Simply put, they know they won’t use the space as much during the winter, so there’s no reason to pay extra for it.

So how do the prices compare between 3 season and 4 season rooms?

Generally, 4 season sunroom styles cost about twice as much as a similarly sized 3 season room. This price difference accounts for the superior window glass, added insulation, and the HVAC system.

As is the case with all things pricing, this is just a ballpark estimate. To find out what your sunroom project will cost, we recommend scheduling a free in-home consultation.


Which is Right for You?

Like we said before, both sunroom types are fantastic and that’s why we install both. There’s really no right or wrong answer — only what’s right for your house and your budget.

Generally, if homeowners are on the fence, we recommend going for the 4 season room, simply because its better to have options you don’t use — rather than missing ones you wish you had.

However, there are a few specific cases in which we recommend opting for the streamlined 3 season room. Firstly, if you have a winter home, and won’t be in PA much over the winter, you won’t need the added comfort of a 4 season room. Another time we recommend choosing the 3 season room is if it’s a matter of budget. If you can only afford to get a premium 3 season room or a questionable-quality 4 season room, its always worth it to build it right.


Choice Windows to Installing all the Sunroom Styles

Traditional sunroom style & design

Whether you know which sunroom style you’re planning to build or you’re still weighing your decisions, the first step is a conversation with Choice Windows, Doors & More.

Our sunroom design experts can walk you through all of your options, show you TONS of possible designs, and even provide you with a FREE quote. Contact us today to start the conversation — and to schedule your in-home consultation.


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