Are Your Windows Leaking Cold Air?

Are there some rooms in your house that are always chilly in the winter – even with the heat on? Or can you actually feel a distinct draft in your home sometimes? Those are both clues that your windows may be leaking. If your windows are fairly old and have seen better days (especially if they are the basic windows that came with the house), you want to pay attention to this blog. Windows leaking cold air during the winter make your home less comfortable AND cost you extra money on your heating bills every month!

At Choice Home Remodeling, we’re a total home improvement company that specializes in replacing old windows with smart, stylish, and leak-free upgrades! With more than two decades of experience diagnosing and replacing leaking windows, we’ve seen everything and can give you our expert take. Learn more about windows leaking cold air – and talk to our team today!


The Main Causes of Window Air Leaks

Windows in sunroom that may be leaking cold air

Generally, the best way to find out if your windows are leaking air is the simplest. All you need to do is put your hand near the window and if you feel a draft or a chill without any other explanation, you know the window is at fault. As the outdoor temperature drops, the more noticeable window air leaks become. So, while replacing your outdated windows any time of year is valuable, it can be especially important in the winter!

These are the four most common reasons for window air leaks:

Broken Seal – There’s no question that this is one of the most common culprits behind your windows leaking cold air. As some window frames sit in the sunlight, they expand and contract. Over time, this expansion and contraction causes the seal between the window frame and the glass to break. This breakage causes air to be able to infiltrate right through to the inside of your home.

Exterior Damage – In some cases, the outside window frame can become damaged. Whether it’s a small issue like the weatherstripping getting knocked loose or cracks in the frame, this kind of damage can let air in. If the problem is fairly minor (like weatherstripping), this is one of the causes of window air leaks that can be repaired, instead of fully replacing your windows.

Window air leaks for exterior of home

Compare wood vs. vinyl windows.

Gaps During Installation – While generally older windows are more likely to be drafty, these leaks can affect newer windows, too. For example, if the construction team that built the house rushed the job, they may have left small gaps between the window frame and the wall. While they may be difficult to see with the naked eye, you’ll be able to feel the drafty air.

Low-Quality Glass Window – Although this generally is not an issue with any recently installed windows, some very old windows may just be made with energy-inefficient glass that doesn’t provide insulation and lets the air right through. So, if this is the window you unfortunately have, there could be nothing else wrong with it, yet you’ll still experience the tell-tale draft of a window air leak.

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Best Way to Stop Drafty Windows: Replace Them

Window in kitchen that is leaking cold air

In the vast majority of cases, the best way to stop drafty windows is to replace them with an attractive and energy-efficient upgrade. While minor exterior damage – like missing weatherstrip – can be repaired fairly simply, all of the other causes of window air leaks require replacement. Not only is repairing sub-par windows not cost-effective, but you also miss out on all of the advantages that new windows deliver, including:

  • Reduced Energy Bills in Every Season
  • Attractive Interior & Exterior Styles
  • Boosted Property Value
  • Guaranteed Air Leak-Free Protection
  • Great Warranties (Including Lifetime Warranties)

Bottom line: the best way to stop drafty windows is to upgrade – and there are a whole ton of other advantages. If you want to find out just how affordable new windows can be, reach out to our team for a FREE quote!

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