Black Window Frames: The Biggest Home Trend of 2019

The universal love affair with industrial-inspired spaces has translated into a variety of new design trends – one of the most alluring of which is black vinyl windows!  White window frames are being tossed out the window, while the modern black window frame style is eagerly being welcomed.

Is 2019’s biggest window trend right for your home? Keep reading to find out!


Are Black Vinyl Windows the Right Windows for You?

Window shopping for windows? You’re not alone!

At Choice Home Remodeling, we’ve had a lot of customers recently ask us about this new design trend – and whether or not we’d recommend it for their home renovation projects specifically. While the answer ultimately boils down to your personal preferences and budget, we put a list together of our 5 top reasons to bring home black windows:

  1. Show-Stopping Style – Black window styles aren’t for the “meek of heart” – they’re for homeowners who want a house that truly stands out. If you’re someone who enjoys a little drama and is looking for a way to make yourself (and your home decor) stand out, opt for a black window design during your next home renovation. Black windows are key for the type of exteriors people slow down to get a better look at.
  2. Versatile Potential — While the bold look of black frame windows is often associated with modern-style homes and colors, it is one of the most versatile décor options available. If you have a modern home, there’s no doubt that a black window frame will pop against your grey or white siding while complementing the modern construction. However, more traditional style suburban homes can enjoy the distinct look of black frames set in traditional vinyl siding.
  3. Better Temperature Control – It’s a well-known fact that black absorbs heat — and black vinyl windows are no exception! This means that during our chilly Lancaster County winters, your home may just stay a few degrees warmer, at no extra charge on your utility bill. This is just one way the style-forward touch of black vinyl windows is practical as well as beautiful.
  4. No Need for Window Treatments – Statement pieces are meant to do exactly that: make a statement! A showpiece black vinyl window eliminates the need for clunky drapes, shades, and blinds because it is meant to be seen and shown off. Having a standalone accent piece like a black window frame means you get to save on shopping for and spending extra money on dressing up your windows.
  5. Add Value to Your Home – Black vinyl windows are like the subway tile of exterior design: simple, elegant — and extremely popular. Exterior black window frames make your home stand out, and they raise your home’s property value while doing it. While almost any remodel, inside or out, raises your property value, cutting-edge renovations like black window frames bring the biggest financial boost!


Black Window Style Inspiration

Seeing is believing – and if you’re still not sold on the idea of just how beautiful your home could be with a black window style, there’s only one thing left to do…let us show you! Take a look through the gallery below to be inspired by some home interiors and exteriors with this trendy new feature.


Get a Free Custom Black Window Design for Your Home

Now that you’ve heard about and seen the potential beauty with black window styles, it’s time to get a design of your own! Whether your home style can be described as contemporary, modern, or Victorian, black window frames elevate your aesthetic to a whole new level.

Choice Home Remodeling has several designers in-house that would love to speak with you about incorporating this 2019 design trend into your home’s interior or exterior. Start the conversation today by inquiring about pricing and information — and to get a totally customized design!

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