Sliding vs. Hinged: Find the Best Patio Doors for You

The key to unlocking a seamless transition between indoor comfort and outdoor splendor lies within the link that connects them – patio doors!

The best patio doors have a magical way of inviting nature’s beauty indoors, flooding your home with natural light and the captivating sights of the surrounding environment. In this article, you’ll discover all the best patio door brands on the market, trending designs, and how to choose the right one for your space, budget and style.

Let’s get started on this no-frills exploration into finding the perfect type of patio door for you!


What are the Most Popular Types of Patio Doors?

In the realm of renovations, two types of patio doors stand out as the go-to choices for homeowners seeking to elevate their outdoor living experience: sliding doors and hinged doors.

Sliding Patio Doors 
Sliding patio door leading to deck

Sliding patio doors are the epitome of modern elegance, featuring expansive glass panels that glide effortlessly along a track to seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces. The best sliding patio doors offer a space-saving design that makes them an ideal type of patio door for properties with limited square footage. A plethora of customization options—from interior and exterior finishes to hardware styles—allow you to tailor their design to perfection.


Hinged Patio Doors 
Hinged Patio Door Leading to Balcony

Hinged patio doors, also known as swinging doors, exude timeless charm and sophistication. With one or two panels that swing open on hinges, they create a grand entrance to your outdoor sanctuary. Like sliding doors, hinged patio doors offer extensive customization options, allowing homeowners to personalize every aspect of their design.

When selecting your best patio door, consider the architectural style of your home, the layout of your space, and your personal preferences. Additionally, assess how much room you have for the door to swing or slide open and prioritize features that matter most to you, whether it’s maximum natural light or enhanced security.


Best Sliding Patio Doors

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor living space, sliding patio doors emerge as a top choice for several compelling reasons. Not only are they typically less expensive than hinged alternatives, but their space-saving design offers unparalleled convenience.

Beautiful White Sliding Patio Door with Basic Design

Anderson Sliding Patio Doors: Among the best sliding patio door options, Andersen stands out for its exceptional versatility and affordability. With a wide range of options available at various price points, Andersen offers something for every budget without compromising on quality or style.

Explore Andersen Doors Here

Patio Door Brands and Installers

Origin Sliding Patio Doors: For those seeking a more contemporary aesthetic and cutting-edge innovation, Origin doors are an excellent choice. Renowned for their modern designs and high functionality, Origin doors effortlessly combine style and ease of use, making them an ideal solution for modern homes and lifestyles.

Explore Origin Doors Now 

While these are just a few of the best sliding patio door names on the market, there are plenty of others to consider! Request personalized assistance for choosing the best patio door brand and model from the experts at Choice Home Remodeling.


Best Hinged Patio Doors

If you have the space for them, hinged options make for some of the best patio doors. Whether they’re leading to a patio, deck or balcony, the grand sweeping motion of swinging single or double doors embodies a simple luxury we all yearn to indulge in.

Wood Patio Doors with Grid Window Design

Marvin Patio Doors: Marvin is always a place to look for some of the best hinged patio doors! From traditional to contemporary styles, Marvin offers a range of gorgeous options that seamlessly blend beauty with functionality, ensuring that your patio door becomes a focal point of your home’s aesthetic.

Learn more about patio door styles here!


Types of Hinged Patio Doors with Grid Window Designs

Pella Patio Doors: Another name that we consider to be one of the best hinged patio door brands in 2024 is Pella because of their exceptional quality and versatility. Pella offers a variety of customization options, allowing homeowners to tailor their patio doors to suit their unique style preferences and architectural requirements. Whether you’re drawn to classic elegance or modern simplicity, Pella swinging doors have you covered.


Best Patio Door Brands and Installers

We know that choosing the best patio door brand can feel overwhelming amidst fantastic options like OKNA, Origin, Andersen, Pella, Marvin, Paradigm, and more.

At Choice Home Remodeling, we pride ourselves on offering not only a curated selection of the best sliding and hinged patio doors, but also unparalleled expertise and personalized service. Our team of experts understands that finding the ideal patio door involves more than just choosing a brand – it’s about understanding your unique preferences, lifestyle, and home aesthetic. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance every step of the way, from selecting the right style and color to ensuring optimal functionality and energy efficiency.

Whether you prefer to explore our expansive showroom or consult with our experts online, Choice Home Remodeling is committed to helping you elevate your outdoor living space with confidence and peace of mind. Contact us today to embark on your journey to discovering the perfect patio door for your home.

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