Storm Doors Do More Than Protect Against Bad Weather

When customers come to us for a storm door, many are just looking for extra protection from the elements. Homeowners often underestimate a storm door’s ability to also add curb appeal, improve the home’s energy efficiency and provide additional security.  There are many options to choose from, so before you make a purchase, review this list of benefits to see what kind of value a storm door can add to your home.

Keep Bad Weather Out

Storm doors are built for resisting extreme weather conditions. Each manufacturer offers different levels of durability, keeping rain, wind and snow out of your home. You should consider choosing the sturdiest doors for the entries to your home that are more prone to harsher elements.

Let Light &Fresh Air In

There are plenty of times when we want more ventilation in our homes, which is why storm doors with screen options make a great choice.

  • You’ll find doors with a full screen and two glass panels that you can slide up or down (some are completely removable) to let in a breeze.
  • Also, a unique storm door that is growing in popularity has a retractable screen, which is easily tucked into a hidden cassette at the top of the door. This keeps the screen handy for whenever it’s needed.
  • An attractive and functional option for main entries is the full-view glass panel door with the option to replace the glass with a full screen. This type of door lets in the most light and ventilation.

Save Energy & MoneyStorm-Doors1

Your entry ways will be more energy efficient with a storm door that helps you control the temperature in your home. When you’re able to reduce heat loss in the winter months and prevent cool air from escaping in the summer months, you’ll see the savings on your energy bills—a nice return on your investment.

Protect Your Family

Feel safer at home by upgrading to a storm door that has a strong locking system and secure panels for extra protection. If home safety is a major concern, there are storm doors with enhanced safety measures, like thicker frames, multiple locks and security grilles.

Improve Curb Appeal

Gone are the days of the white frame, single panel storm door being your only choice. Storm doors can actually give the exterior of your home a boost. Here are just a few ways manufacturers are making it easy for you to add beauty to your house with a storm door:

  • Frames that come in standard and custom colors to match your home’s color scheme.
  • Decorative glass panels that add artistry and a creative look to your exterior.
  • Hardware available in a variety of finishes to complete a coordinated look.

Still wondering which storm door is best for your home? Stop in our New Holland showroom and take a look at all of the options available, plus get professional advice so you make the bes

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