What Are The Most Energy Efficient Windows for Big Savings in 2023?

most energy efficient windows

There’s a cost-saving secret many homeowners don’t know—you can lower your electric bill instantly with the most energy-efficient windows. So, just how much can new windows save on energy? The Department of Energy approximates you can cut your utility budget by $100 to $500 when you switch out single panes.

But not all energy-efficient windows are created equal—that’s why the pros at Choice Home Remodeling are here to help. In today’s blog, we’re going to pull back the curtain on common questions like “What are the most energy-efficient windows?” and help you slash your utility budget.

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Our Top Tips for Picking the Best Energy Saving Windows

energy saving windows

Picking the right windows for your home is where science and creativity collide—you want the best frame to match your décor, but you also need to understand what makes the best energy saving windows work so well. So, what are the most energy efficient windows and how do you pick them for your home?

That’s where the experts at Choice Home Remodeling can help! We have four key tips for making the best choices:

  1. Energy Efficiency Labels: When you choose a window labeled with the ENERGY STAR or the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) seal of approval, you can have peace of mind that you’re receiving the best energy saving windows possible.
  2. High-Performance Glass: Insulated glass can save you between 7% to 12% on energy costs per year when optimized for your climate. Dual or triple plane glass uses inert argon gas to provide powerful insulation to reduce your heating and cooling costs, otherwise known as the U-value. Your goal should be an Energy Star rated U-value of 0.27 or lower.
  3. Energy Efficient Window Frame Construction: Vinyl frames are the most efficient windows because they’re a natural thermal insulator that features multiple air-filled chambers to slow the transfer of heat over time.
  4. Air Infiltration Rating: This rating shows how many cubic feet of air can pass through a window in a specific amount of time divided by the total area of your window. Your goal should be a rating between 0.01-0.30 for the best energy efficient windows.

Still wondering about what are the most energy efficient windows for your home and if you need a window replacement? Read more about how to spot the signs that your house has drafty or leaking windows now!

Why Pick Choice Home Remodeling to Find the Most Efficient Windows for Your Home?

most efficient windows

Since 1995, homeowners across Lancaster, Berks, and Chester counties have chosen the team at Choice Home Remodeling for home improvement projects. We’re a family-owned home remodeling business with deep roots in our local community. Customers have voted us the #1 Lancaster Newspaper Reader’s Choice Award for “Favorite Window Installer” over several years.

So, what are the most energy efficient windows that we can offer you? We carry the finest brands for the most efficient windows, including Pella, Andersen, Marvin, ProVia and OKNA Windows. Our team of expert installers understands where to place windows in your home to reflect summer heat and retain interior cooling. We also check double and triple-check the seal of your windows to prevent leaks and drafts while also helping you to find the right tint for blocking the UV rays of the sun.

Want to replace or update your old panes with the most efficient windows? Connect with us online for a free estimate or browse our selection of windows to get started today!

Unlock New Window Energy Savings with Choice Home Remodeling Today

New window energy savings will get you more bang for your buck and keep your home at a comfortable temperature in hot summers and chilly winters. Choice Home Remodeling can help you to find the ideal windows for your home so that you can experience just how much new windows can save you on energy costs.

Ready to explore your options for the best energy efficient windows? Contact the Choice Home Remodeling team online now to begin your home remodeling adventure now and browse options from our selection of the most energy efficient windows!

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