Exploring Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

Contemporary kitchens in 2022 balance an exciting modern look with a truly timeless feel. This aesthetic has become one of the most in-demand styles. We’re breaking down the key elements of this headline-making trend – and showing you just how accessible it is for your own kitchen renovation!

At Choice Home Remodeling, we’re a full-service home remodeling company that brings a huge range of designs to our clients’ homes. From traditional farmhouse styles to contemporary kitchen ideas, we’ll work with you to craft a space that is your dream-come-true. Keep reading to explore the tenets of this red-hot 2022 aesthetic.

White contemporary kitchen decor

Key Elements of Contemporary Designs for Kitchens

By putting the spotlight on contemporary designs for kitchens, we’re exploring what sets this modern look apart from other kitchen style trends. Whether you want a full contemporary design or you simply want to incorporate a few contemporary elements into another style, we can make that happen.

These are 4 key areas of contemporary designs for kitchens:

Contemporary Kitchen Colors

Contemporary Kitchen Colors

Contemporary kitchen colors are one of the standout elements of this aesthetic. The two most common kitchen remodel color profiles you’ll see are gray and white. This is a huge departure from the dominant use of wood stains and rich hues used in more traditional styles.

In a modern kitchen, white-painted cabinets paired with off-white islands and countertops create a distinctly current yet timeless feel. For an even more dramatic take on this style, utilize a solid color for the main fixtures as well as the flooring. Some fringe choices for contemporary kitchen colors incorporate very bold colors like blues and yellows for the cabinets – but they tend to be a little too experimental for most of our customers.


Contemporary Kitchen Décor & Patterns

Subway tile used as a contemporary kitchen accessory

When most people think of contemporary kitchen décor, they think subway tile. This red-hot design and perpetual HGTV favorite is one of the most common backsplash patterns you’ll find. However, hexagons and chevrons have been rising in popularity this year as well.

While these backsplash patterns tend to be simple and a safe choice for many designs, contemporary kitchen decor often calls for striking, statement-piece countertops. When color is your goal, we recommend choosing a granite slab with a bold vein of color running through it. However, if you’re looking for a distinct and complicated pattern, consider Corian countertops with an eye-catching pattern. Finally, you can always opt for imitation stone for a naturalistic style that will fit perfectly in a grey or white kitchen.

Explore different countertop patterns for kitchen.


Contemporary Kitchen Accessories & Appliances

contemporary design for kitchen

A contemporary design for kitchens doesn’t just govern the color and pattern options. The appliances, fixtures, and other features also play a role in creating the space. An exposed range hood is one of the trendiest accessories that are at-home in almost any new style kitchen. In addition, kitchen islands are an almost universal choice in these designs – the bigger the island, the better. Another cornerstone of this aesthetic is hanging pendant lights, particularly above the island. One of the most popular options is a double oven. Since contemporary kitchens are all about creating an impressive space where you love to cook, if you have a dream accessory you want to call your own, we can make it fit both stylistically and physically into your space!

Get inspiration for more dream kitchen features!


Contemporary Kitchen Feel

Contemporary kitchen colors for 2022

These modern style kitchens almost always have two distinct purposes: to provide a great space for cooking and to make a style statement. While more traditional style kitchens elicit a warm and cozy feeling, a contemporary style brings a cool and dramatic feel instead. This can be observed in everything from the cooler colors to the striking patterns used throughout the design. More than any other eat-in kitchen, a contemporary kitchen is a fantastic space to entertain friends.


Build a Contemporary Kitchen with Us

This dose of inspiration is just the beginning of what its like to work with the Choice Home Remodeling team. From the very beginning, your project begins with a conversation where you’ll highlight your ideas, your wish list and your general style. From there, our skilled designers will work to craft a design that brings your exact vision to life.

The first step is a conversation with our team. Whether you want to meet in your home, or visit our New Holland inspiration center, our team would love to talk.

Contact us to get started!

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