What Causes Foggy Windows in Your House?

If your windows look foggy every day, it’s not the weather – it’s the windows. One of the most common questions we hear is “what causes foggy windows?”. The answer is almost certainly that the seal on your window has failed. Keep reading because we’re breaking down what causes this, what it means and what to do about it.

At Choice Home Remodeling, we’re a full-service home improvement company that handles everything. From interior work like kitchen and bathroom remodels to exterior renovations – we do it all. Since window replacement was the first service we offered the Lancaster County public, it is still what we’re known best for. We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions and even fix your foggy windows!


The Primary Cause of Cloudy Windows

what causes foggy windows

Those cloudy windows that have showed up on your home aren’t going away on their own. This phenomenon occurs when the seal that connects the main panes of glass cracks. This allows moisture to infiltrate between these panes, creating that uniquely unpleasant cloudy or milky look.

One of the main causes behind foggy windows is that the windows were never a high-quality product, and the seals were very weak. This often occurs as the homebuilder used what experts call “builder grade windows” – that simply aren’t meant to last.

One of the factors that exacerbates this is if the windows sit in direct sunlight. This causes the frames to expand and contract over the course of day, putting stress on the seal. Over time, the seal breaks and the window fogs. While generally, cloudy windows in your home generally appear after the five-year mark, in some cases, we’ve seen them show up even earlier.

Oftentimes cloudy windows are leaking as well – learn more about windows leaking cold air right here!


What to Know about Defogging Windows

First and foremost, it’s important to know that cloudy windows aren’t dangerous – even if they are extremely unsightly. However, you have options to resolve this problem. Our teams are experienced in both defogging windows and replacing them.

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Window Replacement – Many homeowners take these foggy windows as a sign they should just replace the whole thing. Newer, top-quality windows will look better, be more energy efficient and come backed with a lifetime warranty. At Choice Home Remodeling, we primarily recommend OKNA Vinyl windows for all new replacements we perform. This high-end vinyl brand earns our endorsement as the best window for home renovation.

Price: Between $700 and $800 to replace the old window with a top-of-the-line new model.


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As always, deciding between replacement and repair is a matter of considering your budget and if you’re ready to make a long-term investment. Sometimes homeowners will wait until it makes sense to replace all of their windows at once to get the best possible price. The Choice Home Remodeling team is here to back you up, regardless of what you decide.


Get Quotes to Repair or Repair Your Foggy Windows

Whether you want to schedule your window defogging or get quotes to upgrade to top-quality replacement windows, the first step is a conversation. The Choice Home Remodeling experts are more than happy to meet you in our convenient New Holland inspiration center or visit your home. When you’re ready to deal with your foggy windows, we’re the team to trust.

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Choice is our go to for home renovations. This review is late in posting as we wanted to see how well the extensive exterior work would hold up to the weather. We could not be happier with the completed job. Choice completely renovated our exterior of our home which included a new roof, vinyl siding, all windows replaced, stone exterior on the front of the house, downspouts/gutters, capped all wood and additional dentil on the front of the house. The quality of their materials is superior and has held to the changes in weather we experience. We have contracted them several times again for smaller jobs but we are over the moon with this reno. Their communication was superior, arrived on time and completed the job during the cold December weather. They did not leave to work at other sites but completed the job as promised. Some of the staff that we would like to give a shout out of thanks are Art Bankert (retired), Wayne Chapin, Lonnie Chapin, Kyle Chapin and all of the team that made our dream home possible! If you're looking for an honest home remodeling team, Choice Home Remodeling is who you should call.
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